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Toyota Factory Warranty Information
Extend Your Expired Toyota Factory Warranty Coverage

When Does My Toyota Factory Warranty Begin?
Your Toyota factory warranty start date is the day you take delivery of your new vehicle or the day it was first put into service, whichever occurs first.

Who Pays For Toyota Factory Warranty Repairs?
You will not be charged for repairs covered by any applicable Toyota factory warranty during the stated coverage periods, unless specifically stated elsewhere. Some states may require a tax on a portion of warranty repairs. Where applicable law allows, the tax must be paid by the owner of the vehicle. Please check your Toyota owners manual for further information.

How Long Is My Toyota Factory Warranty Valid For?
The Toyota factory warranty (bumper to bumper) is valid for 3 Years / 36,000 Miles. There are two measures used to determine how long your Toyota factory warranty is valid for.

Years in Service
The Toyota factory warranty is valid for 3 years.

Miles Driven
The Toyota factory warranty is valid for 36,000 miles.

The measure that occurs first determines how long your coverage lasts. For example, your Toyota factory coverage lasts for 3 years, unless you drive more than 36,000 miles before 3 years elapse. In that case, your coverage would end at 36,000 miles. More information is available in your Toyota owners manual.

Can I Extend My Toyota Factory Warranty If It's Already Expired?
Absolutely! You can extend your Toyota factory warranty while it's under factory coverage, or even if you're out of the factory warranty coverage period. We do recommend that you extend your factory warranty while you are still covered under the factory warranty for a few reasons:

•  Your rates are much lower!

•  Your Toyota will qualify for much better and longer coverage terms.

•  You won't have to worry about claims being denied due to a pre-existing condition.

What Happens When My Toyota Factory Warranty Expires?
If your Toyota factory warranty has expired, you still have several options available to you at Auto Protection. We can offer coverage for your Toyota vehicle whether you are currently under the factory warranty or if it has expired. However, the longer you wait, the more expensive the Toyota extended warranty becomes. At Auto Protection, we offer extended warranties for most Toyota vehicles, including, but not limited to models such as: 4Runner Avalon Camry Celica Corolla Echo Highlander 4WD Land Cruiser Matrix Rav 4 Sequoia Sienna Van Solara Supra Tacoma Tercel Tundra and more!

What Kind Of Extended Warranty Is Available For My Toyota ?
There are typically 4 types of coverage plans available for your Toyota . Coverage is determined based on the Year/Mileage of your vehicle. All Toyota extended warranty plans from Auto Protection (at the very mininum) will cover the major compenents on your vehicle such as: engine, transmission, and drive train. For a more detailed explanation of coverage, please review our plans.

New Car Bumper to Bumper Warranty
Exclusionary policy covering everthing but scheduled maintainence, adjustments, battery, body/trim, aftermarket equipment, body damage. GPS and Emissions is optional. Includes Wear and Tear.

Used Car Warranty
Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle, Steering, Electrical System, Air Conditioning / Heater, Suspension, Brakes, Cooling System, Fuel Delivery System, Electronic High Tech, Audio Center, Seals and Gaskets. GPS and Emissions is optional. Wear and Tear.

Older Car Warranty
Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle, Steering, Electrical System, Air Conditioning / Heater, Suspension, Brakes, Electronic High Tech, Seals and Gaskets. GPS and Emissions is optional. Wear and Tear.

Power Train Warranty
Engine, Transmission, Drive Train, Water Pump, Turbo / Super Charger, Transfer Unit 4x4, Seals and Gaskets.

Why Should I Extend My Toyota Factory Warranty?
In addition to the obvious financial savings, with an extended warranty, your Toyota will stay in much better condition, since your warranty will cover and allow repairs to be made when they happen and when you need them most. Extending your Toyota factory warranty will protect you from the rising cost of repairs, providing you with ultimate peace of mind.

How Do I Buy An Extended Warranty For My Toyota ?
The process is simple. You'll simply request a free Toyota extended warranty quote for the Toyota vehicle and you'll soon find the best deal on the most comprehensive warranty for your vehicle. You'll save time because you don't need to shop around, and you'll save money because our rates are typically 30% lower than other warranty companies.

What Types Of Toyota Extended Warranties Does Auto Protection Offer?
We offer extended warranties for most Toyota vehicles, including, but not limited to:

Toyota Extended Warranty Models

» Toyota 4Runner
» Toyota Avalon
» Toyota Camry
» Toyota Camry-Solara
» Toyota Celica
» Toyota Corolla
» Toyota Cressida
» Toyota ECHO
» Toyota FJ-Cruiser
» Toyota Highlander
» Toyota Land-Cruiser
» Toyota MR2
» Toyota Matrix
» Toyota Paseo

» Toyota Pickup
» Toyota Previa
» Toyota Prius
» Toyota RAV4
» Toyota Sequoia
» Toyota Sienna
» Toyota Starlet
» Toyota Supra
» Toyota T100
» Toyota Tacoma
» Toyota Tercel
» Toyota Tundra
» Toyota Van
» Toyota Yaris

Toyota Factory Warranty Terms
Factory warranty expiration refers to the specific term established by the Toyota manufacturer to repair vehicles for a specified mileage and/or time period. The Toyota factory warranty is very comprehensive and is similar to our Bumper to Bumper Warranty coverage plan. Your Toyota may also include additional power train warranty coverage, safety restraint system, tires, corrosion or even additional services such as roadside assistance. We recommend you check your Toyota owners manual for further factory warranty information.

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